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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost for maintenance services?

The cost depends on size of aquarium and type of services needed. We service  200 gallon or larger aquariums. Call 7605970445  to discuss what is needed to keep your aquarium vibrant and healthy.


What is available in the Showroom?

Aquatica offers fish and coral along with all supplies needed to run your aquarium including fish food, live rock, RODI and premixed salt water.  The mission of our Showroom is to expose and inspire the customer to the different possibilities and quality workmanship of our custom aquariums.


Do you ship livestock or drygoods?

We do not ship livestock or drygoods at present as a regular service. If there is a rare fish or coral that you would like that is in our stock please give the showroom a call. 


How do I get started on a custom aquarium?

Getting started is simple. Make an appointment for a consultation and  we can we can discuss your expectations and draw out the plans.