Copy of Custom Aquariums

Designing a saltwater aquarium system can seem difficult because there are so many products to choose from. If done correctly, the hobbyist will have more predictable results - 1) the livestock will be healthier and live longer and 2) the corals will be colorful and more disease resistant.

Begin the Art of the Aquarium with Aquatica and Complete with our Professional Maintenance Services.


We specialize in designing, installing and maintaining aquarium systems for commercial and private residences. We will design an aquarium that increases and enhances the esthetics of your working and/or living space. The installation and planning are based on sound knowledge. Principles such as flowrates, water chemistry, and construction formulas  ensure success. Our professional maintenance team not only keeps aquariums immaculate, we diagnose and treat problems with equipment and livestock before large problems arise. Because of continual education, Aquatica is the premier company for your aquarium needs. Set up a consultation appointment today 760-877-0376.